$date = "2002-11-22";
$myvar = "a" . str_replace("-","",$date);
$$myvar = "hi";

echo "$a20021122";


On Mon, 2002-11-18 at 13:05, -<[ Rene Brehmer ]>- wrote:
> Hi gang
> I'm suffering under the lack of an SQL, which would've made this loads
> easier, so instead I'm forced at using a bunch of arrays to keep track of
> the info instead...
> But here's the prob: I'm working on a list of premieredates for movies.
> Here's the HTML version I made to figure out how to make it into PHP:
> http://metalbunny.net/dk/film/
> (it's in Danish, don't let that confuse you).
> The current one is static HTML, but I want it to be dynamic PHP, as it,
> naturally, will make it easier to add to/update the list.
> So, without the benefit of a database, I'm using arrays, as this:
> // array with premiere dates
> $premieredag =
> // each date has its own array, with partial filenames for each movie
> $d20021122 = array("001");
> $d20021129 = array("002","003","004");
> $d20021206 = array("005","006","007");
> // ... and so on ...
> I need the string from $premieredag to build the date heading. But want I
> want to do, is to be able to convert the string contents into the variable
> name used for each date's array ...
> so that I pull $premieredag[0] and convert the string from "2002-11-22"
> into $d20021122, which is easy enough, as a string, but how can I make PHP
> understand that I want to pull data from the array that is named that???
> Current experimental design gives nothing but errors ... so it's useless
> ...
> How do you convert a string value into a variable name???
> Lost here ... I've only ever done something like this once in JS a looong
> time ago, and can't even remember how...
> Rene
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