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I have document in encryption type : B*C*N**N but I don't know how do

abbab abbab
Well, assuming that the above isn't someone sending you The Kinks, and flogging myself for replying to an off-topic post...

A simple Google search should have directed you right where you needed to be.

BaCoNiaN is a type of cypher developed by Francis Bacon. It's a simple cypher somewhat akin to binary, but from right to left. The right hand column represents 1s, the second from the right is 2s, the third is 4s, and so on. But the cypher starts at zero, so an A would be "aaaaa." B, as the "first" letter, would be "aaaab." C would be "aaaba." E is the "fourth" letter, so it would be "aabaa."

And so on. Hopefully you can figure out the rest of the cypher.

A simple loop with str_replace should be enough to "Decode" the cypher and output a string.

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