At 02:42 19.11.2002, vernon spoke out and said:
>> In case you have them already available in your script, you could execute
>> the using exec() or system(), and merging the result into your
>> output.
>They are in the script. But how do I use these exec() or system()? Are they
>javascript? Could you give me an example?

They are PHP functions:

You would
    $output_lines = array();
    $retcode = 0;
    exec('/path/to/', $output_lines, $retcode);

The array $output_lines will then hold every single line of the output of
geozip. The $retcode variable holds the return code.

As I have no clue about what geozip does, or how it might be called, nor
how the output of the geozip script is formatted, I cannot give further
hints. I'm sure someone will chime in here.

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