I'm setting up a new server that will host many different customer sites via
Apache virtual hosts.  I'm trying to decide if I should use SuExe with
Apache, and run PHP and Perl with it, or just to run everyone as the web
server user, and compile PHP (and/or Mod_Perl) as a module.

I understand the security issues of having all Perl and PHP scripts run as
the same user as Apache, but I'm not sure I have a full grasps of the pros
and cons of each setup.

I'm hoping to get opinions, suggestions, etc. about each possible setup,
which I would assume will include some of the safety switches that can be
setup in PHP when compiled as an Apache module.

Any and all info or ideas most appreciated!

Peter Janett

New Media One Web Services
New Upgrades Are Now Live!!!
Windows 2000 accounts - Cold Fusion 5.0 and Imail 7.1
Sun Solaris (UNIX) accounts - PHP 4.1.2, mod_perl/1.25,
Stronghold/3.0 (Apache/1.3.22), MySQL 3.23.43
PostgreSQL coming soon!


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