This seems to be a common question.

You can buy this: <- @ $130 its a total deal. I went thru the same
hassle to get the data from the post office/census data and it took me over
a week to get everything. You have to spend endless amounts of time
searching the web. Its a pain. I'd give out mine, but the company that
contracted me to do it owns the rights to the work I did for them. Sorry.

Zipwise has the database and algorithms, or you can also check this out this
post I made when I was doing my research.

Good luck.

"Vernon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Does anyone know how I can set something up that tells the distance
> one Zip Code and another? I'm needing to be able to set something up where
> one user's record is compared to another and a distance is measured. Any
> have any ideas?

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