Ask your host to set-up a .htaccess file to turn register_globals ON, or you
need to do some research in the archives for "register globals"... it's been
discussed to death.

Basically, instead of a form value being something like $firsName, it's now
$_POST['firstName'] or $_GET['firstName'] (depending on the the method
specified in the <form > tag).

A quick fix would be to take note of the variables you're expecting from the
form, and re-assign them at the top of your script(s), eg:

$first = $_POST['first'];
$last = $_POST['last'];
$dob = $_POST['dob'];
$favcolor = $_POST['favcolor'];

Good luck,

Justin French

on 19/11/02 6:41 PM, `Yan Grossman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I run some PHP scripts to deal with sending forms data to my email adress.
> But, my "nice" Host provider upgraded the server to another version of PHP 4
> and I notice that now the scripts are not working.
> I don't receive the emails anymore.
> They say I have to make sure all my code works for PHP 4.23 or later...
> My code is very simple and uses the command mail().
> I don't know much about PHP, but I guess it should be simple to fix my
> problem.
> I attached one of my most simple scripts and hoping that you might be able
> to help me.
> Please help me.
> I really must fix this today.
> Thank you so much.
> Yan

Justin French
Web Developent & 
Graphic Design

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