actually, the foreach should read:
foreach($overall->loaded as $key=>$val){
	$val =& $overall->$val;

still doens't work though

Tularis wrote:

Currently, I have the following code:

loaded[] = $class;
        eval("\$this->$class = new $class;");
        return true;

class foo {
    var $bar;

    // Constructor
    function bar(){
            $this->bar = 1;
        echo $this->bar."

// Start actual loading
$overall = new overall;

foreach($overall->loaded as $key=>$val){
    $key =& $overall->$key;


// it doesn't understand this
$foo->bar(); // line 42

It all works, except for the $foo->bar(); thing... I am wondering how I
can turn $overall->foo->bar() to $foo->bar(); as all the things I've
tried, don't work, they don't give any errors, except for
Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
d:\apache\htdocs\classes.php on line 42...

Could anyone help me with this?

- Tularis

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