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> I'm posting this again as i got a mail saying
> Trend SMEX Content Filter has detected sensitive content.
> Place = [EMAIL PROTECTED]; ;
> Sender = CJ
> Subject = [PHP] Swear word substitution
> Delivery Time = November 14, 2002 (Thursday) 23:40:23
> Policy = Dirty Words
> Action on this mail = Delete message
> Warning message from administrator:
> Sender, Content filter has detected a sensitive e-mail.
> There was not a swear word in my original post but there was a word that
> contained a swear word but is itself not a swear word.  The word is Scu
> n
> thorpe
> and I need a script to allow wordslike this but remove proper swearwords.
> I've got a mysql based website with a php scripted fromt end.  I want to
> parse the output the php scripts get from the database before "printing it
> as html" for swear words and substitute these for more acceptable words
> a word for word basis). I need to do it this way as I want to keep the
> original posts in their "rude" form in case I need evidence for misuse of
> the site.  I need to be able to check for words separated by non alpha
> characters in case people get clever and write obscenities separated w i t
> s p a c e s or with o_t_h_e_r characters or even new
> l
> i
> n
> e
> s
> or wordsruntogetherintoonelongword.
> I also want a list of permitted words that contain swearwords such as
> "Sc%%thorpe" which won't get changed.
> Has anybody done this?  I have a feeling that there is a 1 line regular
> expression out there that will do this nicely.
> Any help appreciated
> Feeling rusty at coding...
> CJ

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