Great, That's exactly what i was looking for, thx to the other guys as well and sorry for not mentioning the whole problem which was that i wanted to pass the value to a variable.

Steel wrote:
Hi Tjoumaidis,

Tuesday, November 19, 2002, 1:30:39 PM, I've got:

TT> Hello to everybody,

TT> I just want to display a character like D x times like DDD where x is a TT> $variable i get from the database i cannot make it work like it is on TT> perl (i don't even know if it is working the same way) and i can't find TT> a reference in the manual on, maybe it's a silly question but i TT> am stuck at this moment.

TT> Thx in advance.

This is the equivalent of Perl's "x" (repetition) operator,
for eg. str_repeat("blah", 8) in PHP does the same thing
as "blah" x 8 in Perl.

Answer from PHP Manual.
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