I've recently finished creating a Script Index (almost identical to 
HotScripts) for people to submit their PHP (and Perl) scripts. The 
database right now is over 7,000 (both PHP and Perl), but only because 
I've collected the data from other sites. If you have a script, I ask of 
you to submit it here. :) Think of it as one more place to have your 
script noticed, and rank one notch higher in the search engines, as well 
as helping out another script index site. :)

PHP Scripts: http://www.nukedweb.com/php/
Perl Scripts: http://www.nukedweb.com/perl/
You can submit scripts by browsing to the correct category and clicking 
the Add a Script link at the top. Indexes are recompiled a few times a 
day. :)

Also, if you have a website directed at other webmasters, feel free to 
submit it to the Website Resources Index at 
http://www.nukedweb.com/webresources/ :)

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