Many thanks for your reply, I will add the bugs site to my list of things to search before posting here!

As I am putting the code onto a number of servers where I can't control the PHP settings, I will need to devise a work around. Good to know it's not my poor coding.

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My remaining problem is that the array that PHP sees only has the final few characters of the values it should have.

This is the result of print_r after selecting two items (analysis1 and analysis3):

Array ( [0] => ysis1 [1] => ysis3 )


Array ( [0] => analysis1 [1] => analysis3 )

Known bug. A quick search of for "character cut off
form array" reveals half a dozen reports for this, of which this is probably
the most informative:

Basically, you need to configure PHP without --enable-mbstr-enc-trans (or
install 4.3.0RC1, if that's acceptable for you).



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