ok, I have gotten great help here already, but it still doesn't work, it returns a object not found error (on the $foo->bar() line). I want to change $overall->foo->bar() to $foo->bar... any tips? or help??

- Tularis


class overall {
var $loaded;

function load($class){
eval("global \$$class;"); // This didn't work either
//$this->loaded[] = $class; // see the comments with the foreach()
eval("\$this->$class = new $class;");
return true;

class foo {
var $bar;

// Constructor
function bar(){
$this->bar = 1;
echo $this->bar."<br>";

// Start actual loading
$overall = new overall;

foreach($overall->loaded as $key=>$val){ // didn't work.. I commented this out, because I thought it MIGHT interfere with the other way
$val =& $overall->$val; // both don't work though :(


// it doesn't understand this

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