At 23:36 19.11.2002, Baumann Reto said:
>Hi all
>Does somebody know if there is a potential problem with
>    Header("Location: ....");
>not working properly?
>I have a redirection, but it seems that on some browser, this doesn't work.
>Instead of the redirection, the same page is requested again!
>I'm also using sessions and html-post request to get to this page (probably
>they are messing things up).
>On most browser, the setup is working very well...

Are you on IIS? I remember that there are problems with header('Location:
url'), as far as I can remember I once resorted to explicitly transmit
    header("HTTP/1.0 302 Moved\nLocation: newurl");
which would result in 2 adjacent headers... but I don't remember exactly,
it's already some time ago

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