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> After upgrade to 4.2.3, plus "+" sign has changed to space after
> POST. I have checked the mailing list but can't find any help to
> turn this off forever! is this a bug in PHP?

It is possible.

When you post a form with your browser, the browser will URL encode
all of the data and include it in the content section of the HTTP
request. When the Web server receives this request and hands it off
to PHP, the data is of course URL decoded.

If I am understanding your comment correctly, it sounds like either:
1. The browser is failing to URL encode the + sign.
2. The form data is being URL decoded twice.

Both of these scenarios seem unlikely. Try this sample code:

<form action="test.php" method="post">
<input type="text" name="foo" value="<? echo $_POST["foo"]; ?>">
<input type="submit">

This should basically appear to do nothing when you click the submit
button. No matter what you enter in the text field, its value should
not appear to change. If you can reproduce the errant behavior with
this script, I would be interested in trying it out for myself an
examining the output of the phpinfo() function.

As an alternative, it would be helpful if you could show us the HTTP
request and HTTP response from a sample transaction involving the
sample code I just gave (leave out the phpinfo() call if you take
this approach).

See if that uncovers anything.


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