At 10:09 20.11.2002, Martin Magnusson said:
>I've recently installed php 4.2.3 on Apache 2.0.43. (windows2000)
>I downloaded a browscap.ini file from and copied it to
>In php.ini the value for browscap is set to c:\WINNT\system32\browscap.ini
>This doesn't work... For example: the variable $HTTP_USER_AGENT is empty.
>I've also tried to put the the browscap file in system32\inetsrv\

Do you have register_globals set to "On"? Try $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'].

This variable exists independent from the browscap.ini file. You only need
browscap.ini for the get_browser() function to work correctly.

This should work:
    $browser = get_browser($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']);

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