If you are creating a socket application, then *you* control when you
send output to the browser.

So, essentially what you are asking is how to replace the values of
the href attributes in some HTML with a modified value that includes
a session ID. I would recommend a combination of a regular expression
to  correctly obtain the value of each href, parse_url() to correctly
parse the URL into its parts, and some basic string concatenation to
build the new URL.

You might also want to look at the nanoweb project
(http://nanoweb.si.kz/). It is a Web server written in PHP.


--- Thomas Weber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> does anyone know a way to rewrite url's with the session-tag in a
> string, without sending the output to a browser? I'm writing some
> sort of webserver in php wich should, of course, send rewrited urls
> to its clients via sockets.

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