At 18:29 20.11.2002, Ryan Gallagher said:
>SELECT * FROM identifisering as i
>WHERE i.identifiseringid = (
>    SELECT MAX(ii.identifiseringid) AS maxIdentifiseringid
>    FROM identifisering as ii
>  )
>GROUP BY dprosjekt
>Now that I look at it, your GROUP BY was definitely out of place, since
>dprosjekt no doubt is a col being returned from the SELECT * of the main

No, it wasn't.
You need the GROUP BY in the subquery to retrieve the max(id) for any
distinct dprosjekt. If you have it like you did the subquery would simply
return a single result, the max(id) of all records. Your version simply
functions as an "order by" which is useless here since only a single record
will be returned.

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