I understand that the Javascript will not pause the page from loading;
however, it should, like you stated, modify the page and hence change what
the client is seeing interactively which could include hiding/revealing
different questions based on their input.  This should ultimately present a
form with answers to those customized questions without traversing a number
of pages.  I only asked the question hoping there was a method of
accomplishing this that I wasn't aware of in PHP.  It is understandable that
it would not be possible server-side, but I figured I would check with the


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"Larry Brown" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> The idea is to have the script start to load, prompt for a question or
> then use the data from the response to complete loading the page and avoid
> having to post all of the variables from page to page to get all of the
> responses back.  A lot of the questions are formed based on the answers to
> previous questions so I'm trying to keep the number of separate pages to a
> minimum by using such a technique.  I understand that Java can provide
> function, but I want to do as much with PHP and as little as possible with
> Java.

I think you're referring to JavaScript and NOT Java.

But, whether it's Java or Javascript, you cannot really pause/stop the
browser then do something to "complete loading the page." (Unless you press
"stop"--but this would require you to reload.)

Anyway, Javascript (if you're referring to it) doesn't have that kind of
function (AFAIK). Javascript can hide/unhide element on your form. It can
also enable/disable a checkbox, for example. But those functions would only
work AFTER the page is already loaded--and _not_ while it is loading. (Also,
*after* the Javascript file--if you're using and external one--is already
downloaded inside the your visitors' disk, etc.)

- E

BTW, Javascript (support) can be turned off by your visitors--maybe you
already know that...

And... not all browsers supports Java. (But then again, you don't even need
a browser to run Java! What am I saying here?...)

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