$sql1 = "titulo like '%$titulotxt%'"
$sql2 = "cd like '$cdstxt'";
$sql = "SELECT * FROM divx WHERE $sql1 AND $sql2 ORDER BY titulo";

I think you are getting the error because of the ($titulotxt) ? portion of
your sql statements.  You really only need the two statements listed above
and then put into your actual sql statement.

Robbert van Andel 

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I'm with a little sintax problem...
The question is that i have two search fields (titulotxt and cdstxt) and i
want to create an mysql condition... i trying:

 $sql1=($titulotxt) ? "titulo like '%".$titulotxt."%'":"";
 $sql2=($cdstxt) ? "cds like '$cdstxt'":"";
 $sql="SELECT * FROM divx WHERE" .$sql1 " && " .$sql2 " ORDER BY titulo";

but he's giving me a sintax error on the 3 line... Can anyone
teach me how i must do to validate the mysql condition and make it work?

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