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> Hi Eddie,
> iFrames do offer a really nice solution, but they are an IE only
> tag.  

they are part of the HTML spec... so, conforming browsers (NN6, NN7, Opera I
think, etc) all have iframe support.  The real problem is NN < 6 (of which
there are still plenty out there) and the lesser know and non-visual

> Although I can't vouch for the latest Netscape, I know that the older
> versions simply ignore the <iFRAME...> tag, and leave a blank spot in its
> place.
> If you know that your client base will ever only use IE, then go for
> it.  Otherwise, you'll have to avoid the iframe.

That sounds a little harsh!

You can put a message in place of the iframe, for those who don't support

<iframe src="" blah blah>
Sorry, your browser does not support iframes, to view the content of this
frame, <a href="">click here</a>.

Or better still, you can actually PUT SOME CONTENT IN THERE.

I have an iframe which lists multiple tour dates for a band, sorted in date
order... if the iframe can be used, the user gets ALL upcomming gigs ina
scroller, otherwise they just get the next 3 (using approximately the same
amount of space), with a link to view all gigs.

iframes CAN work in many cases, if you think about it.


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