On Thursday 21 November 2002 12:53, Rodrigo de Oliveira Costa wrote:
> Hi people, Iím in a lot of trouble, Iím doing a paging for a mySql
> database result it was going well until I tried it out. 

But how did you know it was going well *before* you tried it ;-)

> It shows the
> right amount of registries and it shows the next page link, but when I
> click on the next page it says it is missing a variable, it is the one
> that is sent by the form witch is the first, but Iím allready sending
> one variable and I need to send this one also, any ideas?

Not exactly sure what you mean here but if you're going from page to page you 
have to pass ALL the variables you need each time.

> By the way I already trried & , +... and Iím out of ideeas, please help.
> The code in under my name.

If you want to pass multiple variables via the URL then do so like:


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