I don't do much file-stuff with php & windows, but i think the path nees to
use // not \\?

"Jack" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Dear all
I was trying to check if a directory exist in a specific folder, but i got
this error message as below :
Warning: OpenDir: Invalid argument (errno 22) in C:\InetPub\wwwroot\Nedcor
Internal Live\Reports\Bills Reports\page.php on line 21

here is the code :
if (is_dir("Aegis"))
/*  while (($file=readdir($handle))!==false)
   if (ereg($premondate,$file))
   copy($file, $filepath.$folder."/".$file);



The strange thing is, the script had worked for once, but in the middle of
test stage, there is a permission error to the folder and after i fixed it,
it seems keep prompt me the Invalid Argument instead of open the folder.
Don't know what is going on! pls help!

Thx a lot,

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