hey thanx for the answer,
actually yes, but it's my fault,
the thing is on the other side is flash and not php,
so i need to output something like this to later parse it in flash
&response4:&row0=$article__2|aaaa|tipo 1:&row1=art2|bbbbb|Tipo 2:&colunms
4&rows 2
but i cannot harcode anything because i don't know fields or anything for that
matter so i'm just missing how to 'format' my data output like this :D

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002 15:40:02 -0600 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Chris Boget) wrote:

>> i need to output
>> &row0=article__2|aaaa|tipo 1:&row1=art2|bbbbb|Tipo 2
>> how can i achieve this?
> I believe you can just use urlencode() and urldecode() on the values.
> Chris

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