Hello all!  I have release version 0.1a of an ImageMagick PHP 
extension.  It includes everything you need to test it out and it's well
documented.  I support a small number of functions and am working on adding
PHP functionality for everything that ImageMagick can do.  I'm sending out 
this release to get feedback and suggestions.  Feel free to email me 
directly with comments, suggestions, questions, etc.

I include a number of example PHP pages on how to use this as well and 
have tested them both with PHP as a standalone executable and as an Apache 
module.  I will be developing this over the next several weeks and adding 
more and more functionality.  Please see the TODO file to see what's 
currently on my list.

I'd like to especially thank Bob Friesenhahn and Dan Cowgill for their 
assistance on this project and for allowing me to bug then incessantly 
with questions.

You can download the latest version here:

I'm working on getting a better site up and will do so in the near future.

By the time you get this, I will have added a number of functions so I'll 
try to keep everyone posted on my progress.  Please note that I know 
little about Windows and have done no testing there.  So far, it has been 
only Linux.  If folks get it working elsewhere, I'd love to hear where.

I hope this helps you out.


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Chief Technology Officer
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