On Friday 22 November 2002 02:12, Jule Slootbeek wrote:
> I have a problem,
> i know this is not the MySQL mailinglist, but i hope you guys can help
> me.
> when i type mysqladmin variables the port comes up as 0 and doesn't let
> people connect to my db remotely.
> does anyone know why this problem is, and how i can change my port?

Jeez, what's this list coming to?

We have people asking questions on javascript, about laptops and now even 
about mysql!!

If you want to let people remote access your db you need to grant them 

 grant all on mydb.* to [EMAIL PROTECTED] identified by "secretpassword"

For details please RTFM, or ask nicely on the mysql list.

Now back to php stuff please.

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