Hi @ Edwin,

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002 01:24:18 +0900, you wrote about "Re: [PHP] Getting
info from users comp?" something that looked like this:

>> And if its not possible with PHP, what language then?
>I don't think this is possible with a server-side language. But of course,
>this in NOT impossible with a client-side language (i.e. programs created
>with C, Delphi, etc. and run on the users' pc.).

You can't get that kind of information through the browser --- security
imfrictions --- the info the browser can deliver is limited to
resolutions, screen dimensions (in pixels), usernames, IPs, browser
versions, installed plugins ... and stuff like that ...

You can't get hardware info without either a plugin to the browser, or a
seperate program that sends the info to the server for storage, where it
can be retrieved by PHP... or other server-side stuff...

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