On Friday 22 November 2002 05:28, Chris Boget wrote:
> I've done some searches on Google, PHPClasses.org, etc
> for something like what I'm trying to accomplish but have
> had little luch.  And since I don't want to reinvent the wheel
> I thought I'd ask here.
> Has anyone come across a piece of code that cleans up
> the HTML created by MSWord when you "Save As.." html?
> I need to remove all the extra crap added in such as the
> styles, etc.
> If you can point me in the right direction with regards to where
> to get started or where there might be such code, I'd be ever
> so appreciative!

There was a thread about this some time ago (months). Can't remember what the 
conclusion was but if you search the archives ("clean word doc" or something) 
you might find it.

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