Check boxes should not be given the same name.  Radio buttons should to
denote a grouping.  In other words, if you want to have a bunch of radio
buttons indicating a choice between items (say bananas, oranges, and
apples), you would name them the same thing and give them each a different
value.  Checkboxes need to be given unique names to identify them.  Using
the example above, you would have three check boxes one called bananas, one
called oranges and one called apples.  They are given the value of true when
they are submitted.  You could probably hard code the value as well, but I
rarely do so.

Robbert van Andel 

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Subject: [PHP] how can php get the values of a group of checkbox

hi there,

if i have a group of checkboxes, and they have the SAME name, when they are
submited into a php script, how can this php file get the value of each

since they have the same name, $_GET["checkbox_name"] only returns the last


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