At 11/21/2002 05:16 PM, Jonathan Rosenberg wrote:

> I suspect your problem is that CURL is not built with SSL support. To test
> this, replace the https:/.../ with a reference to a non-SSL URL
> (http://.../). If you get a return that, you need to build CURL with SSL
> support.

Indeed it does. :(

I had thought I compiled it correctly, but as I've already demonstrated, my knowledge in the area is far from complete.

Let this be a lesson to all web department managers: if your lead programmer becomes a pothead hypochondriac and goes on disability, don't put the graphics guy in charge.

Thanks for the help all. I'll try to read up on how recompile cURL correctly, see if I can't discover where I went wrong.

Couple questions, however:

1. I'm assuming I'll have to recompile PHP once I do this? Or will a change in cURL not affect it?
2. Still confused on appending files to posts, so any help on that would also be appreciated.

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