Hi All,

I've been using PHP and FastTemplates for a couple of years on multiple
platforms (Mac OSX, Win98, WinNT, Solaris). I've just installed RedHat
7.3 and FastTemplates doesn't work anymore.

I get the message:
Warning: Invalid content of \{\} in
/var/www/cgi-bin/php/FastTemplate/class.FastTemplate.php4 on line 201

Here are the lines from FastTemplate:
line 199> //    php4 doesn't like '{$' combinations.
line 200> $key = "{"."$key"."}";
line 201> $template = ereg_replace("$key","$val","$template");

I've applied the patch for FastTemplates and php4. The version of PHP
that comes with RedHat 7.3 is 4.1.2 which is the same as my Mac OSX
which works fine.

One of the only differences I see is that with phpinfo the RedHat
systems are using the system regex library and the others are using the
bundled library. This is the default installation with RH7.3.

Any Clues?

Gary Smith

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