Justin French wrote:
PHP cannot possibly know when a user closes a window... PHP regularly
"cleans out the garbage" of old abandoned sessions, but you cannot expect
this instantly...
True ... but the browser does.

I think I would not have this problem using cookies since the cookie would expire after the browser is closed. The reason I am seeing this problem is that I am passing the SID in the URL and hence PHP does not know that the browser was closed.

If you access that URL tomorrow, I doubt the session will STILL be valid...
True. I guess I should set the gc to clean up sessions more often than it does now. Maybe 30 minutes ...

You should do some reading up in the manual & php.ini, making sure what
session destroy means, what session.auto_start means, etc.
I know what they mean. I got very confused until you pointed a very obvious thing out. It's passing the SID in the URL that is causing the problem and as you pointed out there is no work-around.

I'll just have to live with the fact that by passing the SID in the URL the session will be alive until the session gc cleans up.



PS If I got any of this wrong please let me know.

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