At 14:24 22.11.2002, Andreas Otto spoke out and said:
>We have added some new features to a SiteShield protected website which makes 
>it neccessary to use sessions. Although creating the session and the 
>appropriate variables is a server side process there seem to be problems with 
>IE (tested with version 6 on Win2000 Pro and WinXP Pro).
>If I access the site with IE I will see the following error message at the 
>bottom of the page:
>Warning: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current 
>setting of session.save_path is correct (/home/globstag/tmp) in Unknown on 
>line 0
>However if I access the site with any other browser writing the session data 


I don't see how this behaviour could be related to a browser version - all
browsers behave (should behave?) identically when requesting a page... they
simply issue a MIME request, like
    GET /?PHPSESSIONID=aasdasdasdasdasdasd HTTP/1.0

The message you see looks disturbing to me - is the session.save_path value
actually set to /home/globstag/tmp? Does Apache (or else) have all
necessary rights to this directory?

_MAYBE_ you're using some mod_rewrite rules on the target server, depending
on the user agent, so IE's would end up in a defunct installation?

I'd check for this inn the first place.

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