Hi all,

Before anything else, thanks for the answers to the last request of
mine. Now, I'm trying to make a mailing script which is a very common
task to do, but from this one, my client needs to send one e-mail to all
the recipients stored in a DB every once in a while. I know that is best
to send just one e-mail and add all the recipients to the hidden CC
(CCO) instead of adding all of them to the "TO" header.

Now, I usually use a very comfortable way to configure e-mails by
setting all the $vaiables first and then adding a mail() function at the
bottom, but I never used a CCO target variable and never less a loop to
fetch all the addresses... any thoughts?

By the way, I'm very used to work with FOR loops, so I'll try to keep
using it. Thanks in advance,

Cesar L. Aracena
(0299) 156-356688
Neuquén (8300) Capital

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