You need to use flush() to try and send a chunked response that will
display on the user's browser line at a time like that. Output
buffering is fairly closely related I suppose, but it is a separate

As far as I know, you cannot flush() with output buffering started
unless you end or flush that output buffering first. However, output
buffering is not required for what you are wanting to do, so only use
it if you also need that.

I wrote a quick little example of displaying a bulleted list one item
at a time that might be helpful to you:


--- Uros Gruber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> <?php
> ob_start();
> for ($n=1;$n<10;$n++) {
> echo "test<br>";
> ob_end_flush();
> sleep(2);
> }
> ?>  
> I can make this work on php and apache. I always get output
> in one shot not line by line.

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