> An about register globals post bi-weekly would eliminate tons of questions
> reckon. But maxim is also right. People should find their own info and a
> could dominate the group...

The fact you must call session_start  before sending anything to the browser
is another FAQ that would help.

An interest of FAQ, is that it helps beginners to find some answers they
need quickly, so they will be more interested in continuing PHP. It helps
making the language even more attractive, because it is a part of the
language support.

An FAQ can also remind the first places where information can be found,
where one should search before asking. So, before someone asks "is there a
function to do this", the FAQ could tell how to find said function, pointing
out the most commonly used sections in the documentation. Strings, regular
expressions, arrays, date/time are the ones that come out of my mind when
wondering what do I use most often.


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