I working with helping our local high school technical center set up a web
server/site.  Went with the typical AMP solution (unfortunately on MSWin
though).  The center is wanting to add an on-line calendar system.  This
doesn't need to be anything fancy, just something that will display a
monthly view with event titles, a way to provide detail content for the
event, and a way for multiple users to add/edit/remove entries.  I'm doing
some searching for solutions but there's definitely plenty to choose from.,
so if anyone has any recommendations I'd appreciate it.

Also, the school tries to get a lot of community involvement by doing a lot
of "Name the ... whatever the activity is at time" competitions and they are
wanting to come up with a way to do online entry submission and online
voting/polling of the entries.  Obviously I could write this, but was
wondering if anybody had any suggestions of existing code to do this.


Dave Merritt

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