I am moving my website over to PHP but there are two things I'm not sure of.

Do search engines find their keywords if they are in an include instead of
the main PHP file? (strictly speaking, I think they are not really in the
URL you gave them)
In other words, does it read the source code after it is output (which does
contain the include contents)?
Just to be on the safe side, I left a redundant "file.htm" copy (apart from
"file.php") of the pages with best search engine results, as bait for the
Is this unnecessary?
If there aren't any links to the files, then how will the engines find them?
Anyway, the search engines only see the OUTPUT from your PHP scripts and
have no idea what you're including, opening, redirecting, etc... They are no
different than a web browser calling up your page for a user.

Also, I haven't changed over the home page, which is still all-html, because
I'm dreaming that the host's PHP might fail or something. I imagine this is
sheer paranoia, but could somebody please confirm if there is any security
benefit in doing so?
Yeah, it could happen, I guess, but more than likely, if PHP is down, your
whole server is down. If you don't need PHP on the first page, then just
leave it HTML, it doesn't matter.

---John Holmes...

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