Hi to all fellow collegues,

Here is the story, a while ago I've signed an NDA with a company from Los
Angeles, the agreement was for programming (PHP, Perl, Java, Javascript),
designing and other tasks, and payment was established on a fixed hourly
rate, the guy in charge,
was very impatient and I had to answer his queries almost instantaneously,
besides he just throw in scripts, and pieces of code,
that were very badly documented and required intense study, and reverse
engineer, one of the tasks was to generate a template from an html code, and
the proper scripts, well I had to get acquainted with everything in the
server, and to study and understand many scripts, and the database and so
forth, the thing is I had to work an average of thirteen hours per day,
for a very low hourly rate, but I accepted that conditions, the thing
happened when I finished the template and also developed a frontend for a
java applet , and delivered it,
and he asked me how much I was charging for the job, I calculated the hours
and told him because I had to spend too many hours studying everything, I
took of f  24 hs. from the fee, well after he received the estimate he
didn't answer anything, he didn't pay me, he refused to answer all the
emails I send him, trying to explain things out, and telling him if he
thinks there were so many hours they can be somewhat balanced with faster
future development, and I we can renegotiate, I was really open,offering
even to just charge development hours and not study hours, the answer was a
complete silence, he just revoked
my privileges to the server and that's it, not even a single word.
So, I'm asking you fellow programmers, for guidance in a situation like
this, I just have to say goodbye and forget it or is there something I can
do to get at least something for my efforts ?

Thank you all in advance for any assistance.

Ricardo Fitzgerald
AXIS Computers

P.S. Needless to say I'm workless and because of my country economic
situation I really don't know when I'm going to work again ...

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