Answer is No. 2)

Use cron to run the mysqldump utility instead of a php script.
Let me know if you need more info.


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can anyone tell me how to make auto backups of mysql databases?

i have a particular database that i want to backup everyday. what i can
think of now is to use crontab to execute a .php that will do the work, then
send the db schema (dump) via email every midnight.

however, i do not know the code to GET THE DUMP of the mysql db.

i know that i can be done because phpAdmin from has the
export feature, which does what i want, except that i cannot execute the
hyperlink there using crontab.

can someone tell me:
1. what is the php code for getting the schema?
2. what is an alternatively BETTER way to backup?

thanks in advance

Yours sincerely,
See Kok Boon
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