Hi all,

I've been working with php for a while and whenever I
have the chance I give some tutorials/speeches about
it to other developers, specially those with no
experience with web development.

They all find easy but in one point or another start
asking about an IDE with a debugger, variable watch
etc or RAD tools (they come from Visual Basic/Delphi

In the IDE part I know we have some paid tools (such
as Zend) but can't tell anything that could count as
RAD tool.

So, I'd like to know if there are any RAD tools ,
either free or paid that you know.

One thing that I am planing to develop, or enhance if
I found something similar already, is a form

Suppose your design department comes with a real nice
html-css-form and you need to validate it, send the
content as email or add in a database.

This tool would read the HTML and prompt you for the
optional/required fields, validation options
(minimum/max length) etc, send via email or add in a

Then would generate the php code to validate and
perform the required actions.

I think there is a classe (from manuel lemos) that
does soemthing similar but also generate the form
itself based on a definition.

What do you thing about it ?

The ideia is to speed up the repetitive/boring stuff
leting the developer focus on special logic - usually
restricted to fewer options.

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