You first need to separate the words and then build your query:

$words = explode(' ',$S_For);
foreach($word as $str) {
$cond .= " $S_From LIKE '%$str%' AND "; // replace AND with OR if you want ANY word
// remove trailing AND(last 4 chars) or OR(last 3 chars)
$cond = substr($cond, 0, strlen($cond) - 4); // this is for AND

And I hope you check the value of $S_From if it is valid

Cookra wrote:

Hi all,
Need a little help here been at this for a while now...

I have a database holding a table which in turn holds a collection of fields
I need to search.

Ive set up search form that sends the variable $S_For and $S_From, these
variables represent the following:

$S_For = the search keyword itself
$S_From = the column which I need to search

Ive created this and it works fine for single words, the problem as you may
of guessed is when I enter a string of words ie:

apple - works fine

orange - works fine

apple orange - doesnt

Any help would be ideal!!!!


Databse = clientacc
Table = hospitality


Everything else works on my site apart from this search
feature.............. please help!



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