At 03:05 25.11.2002, Cesar Aracena said:
>I'm making a site which will reside in a remote server and had several
>problems... most of them where solved once I saw that register_globals
>are OFF, but now I don't know which other settings are affecting my
>scripts. I have trouble with header("Location... because the browser is
>NOT redirected. If I set an echo statement after I detected that the
>username and password using $_POST[""], the echo goes OK but if I
>comment the echo and un-comment the 
>nothing happens... and no, there isn't anything before that... what can
>be wrong? Thanks in advance,

What server are you running on? I once noticed redirection problems on IIS
where I had to resort to
    header('HTTP/1.0 302 Moved');
    header)'Location: blah');

Don't know if this helps in your case.

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