Thanks, but that isn't what I want. The point behind BBCode is allowing a small, simpler, securer, subset of HTML. I.e. [img=] changes to <img src=""; alt="" />

Kyle Gibson wrote:

Leif K-Brooks wrote:

I'm working on adding simple BBCode to my site. I'm currently using the [i] tag for testing, with the following code:

function bbcode($text){
$text = ereg_replace('\\[i\\](.{1,})\\[/i\\]','<i>\\1</i>',$text);
return $text;
print bbcode('[i]This[/i] is a [i]test[/i].');

But it prints "<i>This[/i] is a [i]test</i>". Is there a better way to do this?

function bbcode($text)
    $text = str_replace("[","<",$text);
    $text = str_replace("]",">",$text);
    return $text;

print bbcode("[i]This[/i] is a [i]test[/i].");


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