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Try this:

Leave your form tag as it is.
Put a TARGET="_NEW" parameter into your form tag.
This should submit the form via POST to a new window.

You could then put some javascript into this window's html to resize the
window etc.


when the submit button is clicked,
in the onClick( ) method

open a new window with javascript.
format size toobars etc.
Set the form's TARGET value to the new window's name.
form.submit( );

I think this could also work.



Monty wrote, On 11/25/2002 9:16 AM:
I'm writing a poll app. I want it to work this way:

    1. On web page, user selects choice, clicks VOTE.

    2. Clicking VOTE triggers a pop-up window.

    3. PHP script running in pop-up records vote, displays results.

Problem is, POSTed vars that come from forms aren't available in the popup
window if I make the FORM action = javascript:popWin('/poll.php').

Is setting the vote choice in a session var the only way to make this work,
or is there a way to pass vars via a form POST to the popup window?



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