> >     if (file_exists("themes/$ThemeSel/modules/$name/$mod_file.php")) {
> >         $modpath = "themes/$ThemeSel/";
> >     }
> >
> > I don't get it?
> >
> > Warning: Unable to access themes/DeepBlue/modules/News/index.php in
> > /usr/local/www/v-webs/games.savage.za.org/html/index.php on line 46
> >
> > Line 46 is the if statement
> If you have using a new php.ini file, perhaps you can compare it with an
> one and see if there's anything different--might give you a hint.

Yeah, and no.  It's FreeBSD-Ports, my php.ini is unchanged.  FreeBSD
installs the new / updated ini files as ini-dist, so hence, nothing on my
settings has changed.  I did also check to verify this, and it is indeed the
correct ini file, with the correct settings...

> But then again, perhaps the problem is somewhere else... (i.e. file is not
> there, permissions, etc.)

Yes the file does not exist.  But isn't that why file_exists() is there?


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