I had this problem when I stored my images on another webserver, and linked
the images with the whole adress like <img src="http://somewhere/image.gif";>
I solved the problem by copying the images to the same webserver that views
The last webserver was to slow to replay that it had the pictures. Maybe
this is the
problem you have?

> Hi all
> I have kind of a very strange problem... But I hope someone can help.
> Imageing a little web-based application for browsing images. Every page is
> exactly the same (from a php point of view). A user can browse through all
> the images which are displayed as thumbnails. Normally, everything works
> fine...
> But on some browsers (and or operating systems), suddenly, at a certain
> point, all images are turning white. No more new images are shown. Old
> images (which have already been shown earlier) are fine, but no new ones.
> They are just white. Reloading the page or reentering the URL doesn't
> The only thing which does work is shutting down the browser and restarting
> the whole thing.
> So, why do some images turn white? These normally happens after about the
> 6th page of images (12 iamges a page). Any idea?
> Thanks a lot
> reto

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