You don't need to do client-side transformation (although you could check user agent and do it client-side if the browser supports it).
You can use Php's XSLT functions see the manual for more info.

I was just suggesting this as a potential option. It may not be appropriate in this situation. I don't really know enough about the programming challenge we are looking at to say for sure

@ Edwin wrote:

"Geoff Hankerson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

This seems to me to be more easily handled by XSLT. (Not the only option but a good one).
XSLT lets you select only the nodes you want and also sort them as well.

Perhaps... but not all browsers support it.

Anyway, you can also select the nodes in PHP and you can sort them as well.

And you can do more than that... ;)

- E

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