Nicole Lallande wrote:
> Gretings:
> I want to pass a URL query string to another php script.  I am able to
> pass the complete query string with all the variables I want through
> to the javascript function call but then the string gets cut in the
> php script:
> in the shopping cart:
> <a href="javascript: openWin('email.php?ref=<?php echo $pageURL;
>> ')">this page</a>
> where 'ref' is set correctly and  $pageURL is returned as
> '' (this shows up on
> my status bar and I can 'echo' it on the shopping cart page - so
> Iknow it is getting captured correctly -- also - I removed the
> javascript and saw it get passet in the url as a 'get' correctly.)
> but in the email script  I try to display 'ref' and what I get is:
> '' -- everything past the first '&'
> gets cut off (ie, I lose  the '&val2=2&val3=3' portion of the query
> string )


<a href="javascript:
openWin('email.php?ref=<?=urlencode($pageURL);?>')">this page</a>


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