Nic Fordham wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am hosting a server running castle wolfenstein for a few friends of
> mine & want to make a web page to run on the same server that they
> can log in to to stop & start the game when they want.
> I have tried putting the following code in a web page -
> <?
> exec ('f:\wolf\wolfmp.exe +set dedicated 2 +map mp_beach  +set
> sv_maxclients 8 ')
> This creates a process on my server as of wolfmp.exe but I cannot see
> it on my lan & they can't see it over the web.

Probably it failed? Or is requesting some more information?

> I also don't get any visual output on the server of the wolfmp.exe
> starting up the game console.

Don't you get any visual output if you use passthru instead of exec???


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