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> In an earlier message, Derick Rethans [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] said
> > Yes it is. Actually, you should specify the URL with the
> > &amp; yourself, like this:
> >
> > <a HREF="show_pic.php?pic=blah&amp;caption=Some+Text">
> >
> > otherwise it is not valid HTML.
> I understand that using '&' is technically not correct HTML.

Actually, I think he might have meant XHTML. I'm not sure though.

If your syntax looks like this:

<a href="show_pic.php?pic=blah&amp;caption=Some+Text">

Then your Web browser should interpret the &amp; as an HTML entity
and send a GET request (when you click the link) to:


Meaning, if show_pic.php receives $_GET["amp;caption"] as someone
else mentioned, the browser has failed.

> But I don't see how changing the '&' -> '&amp;' solves my problem.

I think your intuition has served you well. From your initial
description, it sounds like your problm is that you write this:

<a href="show_pic.php?pic=blah&caption=Some+Text">

And the browser sends a GET request to:


If this is true, this seems like an obvious browser bug to me. I
agree with the other suggestions to beef up the debugging information
you mail yourself, since I'm assuming you can't reproduce this on
your own. Look at all of the $_GET variables, the user agent, and
anything else you can think of.

Oh, I assume your past emails have had timestamps. I would recommend
looking through your Web server's access logs, and see if you can
locate the request that returned an error. See if the URL being
requested has the &amp; in it (which it should not).

> I'm missing something here. If you use '&amp;' to separate
> arguments on the query string, how do they get separated out for
> access via $_GET?

Because you are writing the &amp; in the HTML source code. The
browser should interpret this as & prior to sending the GET request
to the Web server.

Hope that helps.


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